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The simple to use business intelligence platform for manufacturers.

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Your Manufacturing Data has never looked so good!

Lojic Dashboards takes any supported data source and gives you the tools to produce fast, actionable, and beautiful dashboards and data analytics. With a powerful dashboard designer, simple server management, and rock-solid security, you’ll realize this is the way data should be.



Take Control of your Manufacturing Data

Create and deploy dashboards based on your company's data in minutes, not months.


Design on your terms

Uncover trends and gain insight out of your business data. Connect multiple data sources to find relationships and pinpoint issues before they become problems.

Easily share and manage your data

Tired of emailing spreadsheets around and worrying if everyone has the "latest" copy? Lojic Dashboards allows you to share and analyze the same data at the same time.

Keep your data secure

Keep your business data secure and accessible with built-in user accounts or even Active Directory authentication. Your IT guys will love you.

Unlimited means unlimited

Don't worry about how many people can view your dashboards or how many you created. Viewing and creating is unlimited with our Enterprise Plan!

Get up and running fast

It doesn't take an IT department to create and publish your dashboards. With the Advanced Designer and Management app, you can have dashboards up and running in minutes.

Your customers will love it

By displaying your complex data and analytics anywhere, your customers will know that you have your processes in control.

Displays built in

With the Lojic Dashboards Player you can easily set up HDTVs or other types of displays to show and loop through your dashboards.

Awesome support

Lojic has developed the Lojic Dashboards platform while embedded in a large manufacturer. We know data analytics is important and can help you fit our product into your business.

Lojic Dashboard Features

An analytics and business intelligence platform that allows manufacturers to create and display real-time dashboards based on any supported ERP or data source.

Advanced Dashboard Designer

Design and update your dashboards with Lojic's Advanced Dashboard Designer. Query, filter, sort, and display your data with a full set of data widgets.

Data Access

With over 20 data connection types, connect to a wide range of data sources including SQL and Database Connections, Cloud Services, Excel, and CSV.


With support for Dashboard users as well as Microsoft Active Directory™, your business analytics can be secured exactly how you want.

Dashboard Management

Easily share dashboards and information with your team with web-based management.

Simple Deployment

You don't need an IT department to get your dashboards up and running, when you save your dashboard, it's already deployed to the server.

Run Anywhere

Lojic Dashboards' presentation layer is web based, so you can view and analyze your data on any computer or tablet.

Mix and Blend Data

Don't limit your data analysis to a single data source. Mix and blend your data from multiple sources on the same dashboard.

Easy Sharing

Sharing your dashboards is as easy copying and pasting. You can share dashboard links with anyone that has access.

Manage Displays

Manage your dashboard displays and the integrated Lojic Dashboard Player.


Take the Next Step

Lojic’s biggest strength is our understanding of how important data is and how software systems can help improve and analyze it.

Fill out the contact form and let us know what Lojic can help you with today.


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