We Make Software for Manufacturers.

Lojic is a full service software development and services company geared towards the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers concentrate on making their business processes as lean as possible but often their software and systems are the one thing that is holding them back.

Lojic Dashboards

Your manufacturing data never looked so good.

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Lojic’s Services

Data Integration and Consolidation

Duplicate data entry or confusion about where to store your information? We can integrate all of your various data sources into an easy to use system.

Database Design and Deployment

Lojic can help you design custom databases with leading database technologies and help you deploy them either on site or in the cloud.

Desktop and Mobile App Design

We design, build, test, and deploy custom applications that work across platform or on mobile devices.

Business Analysis and Process Design

Lojic understands the manufacturing industry. We can help you create or extend your business processes with custom software.

Legacy System Integration

We can take your old, outdated systems and integrate them with exsisting or new systems to give you the functionality your business needs.

Dashboard and Report Development

We can help design and build functional and actionable reporting and dashboards that use the data from the systems you already have.

Custom Software Development for Manufacturers

As a spin-off of a large manufacturing company, Lojic has a proven process and technical workflow to design, build, and test powerful applications.

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Lojic’s biggest strength is our understanding of the manufacturing industry and how software systems can improve it. We have built software, designed new processes, and updated systems to support America’s manufacturing businesses.

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