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At Lojic, we know the manufacturing industry. Founded out of a large manufacturing company in Meadville Pennsylvania, we have designed and built custom systems, integrations, and services to support manufacturers unique data-driven workflows and needs. Lojic strives to help other small and medium size manufacturers increase their bottom lines by automating their systems, reducing manual data entry and analysis, and provide easier to use and more intuitive software.

Company History

Lojic was founded in 2015 as a spin-off company of Acutec Precision Aerospace. Lojic identified that most of the software for small and medium size manufacturing companies was outdated, difficult to use, and “un-integrateable”. After seeing many internal successes of custom software development and systems that worked with software Acutec already had, as well as interest from current Acutec customers and partners, Lojic was born.

Since then, Lojic has built several products that integrate with ERP, MRP, QMS, and other business management systems to increase throughput for employees, track machinist and operators times more efficiently, deliver accurate and complete standard work instructions, and produce actionable insights and analytics from a company’s disparate data sources.

Our Core Values

This is what Lojic is all about:

  1. We are credible and customer focused. Building relationships with our customers and acting out of integrity is our primary conern.
  2. We solve problems, are persistent, and understand the big picture.
  3. We are precise and attentive to details.
  4. We speak-up. We are unafraid and confrontational (the good confrontational).

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