Lojic Dashboards Player

Easily deploy dashboards to large format displays

With the Lojic Dashboards Player, it's never been easier to deploy real-time analytics to a large format display and screens on the shop floor.

The small device can easily plug into any HDMI capable display and quickly integrates with the Lojic Dashboards Platform.

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Not only can you display your dashboards from the platform, you can also show any website or custom messages and items. Set your display items to loop and instantly see the changes deployed to the display the player is running on.

Easily control and manage the players within our Management app. Manage what you want to display as well as advanced settings such as:
  • Device Usage Information
  • Wifi Management
  • Time Zone
  • Host Name
  • Config and hosts files

On the Shop Floor

Visualize your company's data easily on the shop floor.