How do you make a good dashboard? Summarize. Simplify. Synthesize.

Your data has never looked so good!

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How it Works

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View and Share Dashboards with our Presentation App

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With our Presentation App you can efficiently share and view dashboards in real time anywhere. Our Presentation app is web based so anyone with an account can view dashboards in their browser without installing the software!

Dashboards are easy to display on large screens with our Lojic Dashboard Players!

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Control Users and Roles within our Security App

Easily control security settings such as users and roles. Create roles and tags to control who and what departments see what dashboards.

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Manage Dashboards within our Management App

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Effortlessly create dashboards from custom created templates. Modify dashboard settings and display management for our dashboard players.

Create Custom Dashboard Templates with our Template Designer

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Create custom dashboard templates to fit your business data needs. Connect to multiple data sources to see trends among different data points.

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The Lojic Dashboards database is created within your SQL instance. Our licensing service and server applications are installed onto your server. The Desktop Template Designer is installed on client window machines or use our Web Designer through the Management application.
Lojic Dashboards Presentation, Management and Security applications are all web-based and do not need to be installed for users to access them.
View System Requirements

Supported Data Sources

Lojic Dashboards allows you to establish a connection to various data sources such as SQL based databases, Microsoft access and Excel workbooks, XML/CSV data files.

Just to name a few!


From the Shop Floor to the Back Office

Take advantage of all your systems

Lojic Dashboards doesn't just bolt on to your ERP system, you can use it to blend and mix all of your manufacturing data to uncover more insights.

You know manufacturing. So do we.

Your company already has analytics and reporting on financials and sales; we concentrate on bringing your manufacturing data to the forefront where you can find problems before they turn into rejections and costly customer facing issues.

Keep tabs on Work Center Efficiency and Quality

Use Lojic Dashboards to view and analyze your work centers efficiencies and quality by work center, date, part, manufacturing order or any other type of filter.

  • Great for:
    Keeping an eye on work center efficiency and quality at a high level
  • How to use:
    Identify efficiency and quality issues at a high level and analyze the work centers in question

Analyze Work Orders and On-time Delivery

View all of your shop's work orders and how they are performing compared to scheduled start, end, and due dates. Filter by date, work center, or even product.

  • Great for:
    Identifying late orders and monitoring your scheduled product deliveries
  • How to use:
    See which orders are late and then drill-down to individual work centers to find reasons why your schedule is slipping

Track Scrap and Find Solutions

View all of your company's scrap across department, part, work center, or even employee.

  • Great for:
    Identifying causes of scrap and what the largest contributors are
  • How to use:
    See which orders have the highest scrap values or percentages. Analyze scrap part counts and values.


With a wide range of widget options, you can find the perfect representation of your business and data.


Charts allow you to display data graphically using bars, lines, points, etc.


Displays a series of cards, each illustrating the difference between two values. Great for date comparison of data and to quickly view trends.


Displays a series of pies or donuts that represent the contribution of each value to the whole.


Display data items, summations, counts, sparklines, differences between values and even conditional formatting.

Pivot Grid

Displays a tabular report that can easily show relationships and criteria from multi-dimensional data.


Displays target vs. actual values as well as formatting to show acceptable ranges of the actual values.


Maps give you the ability to plot geographic points and sum, average, etc. related data.


Use Range Filters, Combo Boxes, and List Boxes to filter your dashboard data in real time.


Insert images to display with your dashboard.

Text Boxes

Use text boxes to display static or dynamic text or calculations.

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